A weather forecast for the weekend

In this country of ours I have long since prescribed to the theory that if you want to know what the weather is going to be like then simply look out of the window and then keep looking out of the window every half hour or so, put simply there is no accurate way of predicting the weather in the UK for the next five minutes.

I want a weather forecast for the next five days.

Well not the next three days, I couldn’t care less what the weather does in the next three days, what I want to know is what the weather is going to do on Friday, especially Saturday and not forgetting Sunday, and I don’t want to know what its going to be like here in Leeds, I want to know what its going to be like over a 130 mile strip of coastline from Edinburgh to Newcastle.

I speak of course of the Old Gits Bike Ride our fundraiser for the Sue Ryder Trust Wheatfields Hospice which occurs in just four short days time – is it still too late to get some training in ?

We spoke of the miles worth of training that we have put into this years effort on Sunday when H and I took a short ride to a place that might become an office base for me soon, a place that I can comfortably ride a bike to each morning, if that plan comes off then I may be riding a bike far more often than I do now but for the time being we discussed how many miles we had put in since the end of April when we dug out the bikes from their winter hibernation for a Good Friday ride.

As we were speaking I remembered that on Easter Saturday I’d gone and bought a new trip computer-thingy for the bike and I proudly declared that as it had not been reset since then I’d be able to tell exactly how many miles we’d ridden in preparation for the 130 mile long Coast and Castles route, I eagerly pressed the button, the number was 30.

So, 30 miles practice under our belts then, should be enough shouldn’t it ?

Why thats nearly halfway on one of the sectors.

So to the weather forecast – it will rain.

It will rain solidly this weekend for it always rains consistently and heavily during our marathon bike rides, always, without exception and in this respect I do not need a long range weather forecast, I know what the weather is going to be like.

It will be a shame of course for the coastline from Dunbar down to Tynemouth is probably the best stretch of 100 mile long coastline anywhere in the country, a beautiful backdrop of sand dunes, occasional outcrops of rock, and castles for this coast was heavily defended in the days of yore and anywhere that an outcrop of rock occurs there is a castle, its where the name “Coast and Castles” comes from, clever eh ?

If the weather next weekend would be like the weather last weekend then that coastline would be absolutely stunning but as I used to live on a piece of that coast some time ago I know all too well that when it rains it will rain consistently and heavily and the one thing that we have to be thankful for is that at this time of year the rain will probably come from the West and not the East, for in the winter when the wind blows the weather in from the East then that weather comes all the way from Norway, and its cold, and its wet, much wetter than normal rain, the Norwegian rain is the wettest rain you have ever experienced and will defy even the most stringent of waterproof waterproofs.

So I’ve bought myself a new waterproof cycling top in preparation for this ride, I expect rain, nay, I insist on rain, there has to be rain as much as there has to be cake, and as every fool knows, there has to be cake.






3 thoughts on “A weather forecast for the weekend

  1. Many thanks for the donation, thats much appreciated, I’ll need all the luck too 🙂

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