To Car Or Not To Car ?

I’ve been looking at buying another car, thinking about it, maybe, maybe not.

I don’t really need another car, I don’t go anywhere, I work at home (for now) so I don’t even need one to get to work, we have the wifes car to do all the other things that cars do, like get her to work for instance, like get the daughters to and from the train station for instance (my job apparently) and do the shopping (her job definitely) and even though a giant German Shepherd Dog looks frankly ridiculous sat in the back seat of a Peugeot 107 which was actually the smallest car on the road until the Smart car came along he gets to ride in it just fine too.

So why do I need a car, well I may be working from a place that is not home in the near future and I may need a car to get there, on the other hand I may just ride my bike to work, that would be sensible, until it rains then I get wet.

The Peugeot had its MOT today, passed thank you, and when I went to pick it up the garage had a car for sale, what my dad would have called “a banger”, a Ford that has done 120,000 but now has a new second hand engine in it and its cheap and I found myself looking at it and despite the fact that its nine years old it still had lots of toys in it – and I like cars with toys.

Back in the days when I had a business of my own and undreamed of wealth to squander I squandered it one year on a Ford Granada Scorpio, the version with all the toys, the salesman ran out of extras to sell me and he kicked himself for all I did was just say, “I’ll have that, yep, add that on as well…” I was his dream customer and it was all mine for an extraordinary amount of money.

Leather seats, leather reclining seats, leather reclining heated seats, a button for everything that needed adjusting, four buttons alone just to adjust the seats, automatic gearbox, no-one I ever knew had an automatic and friends would come for rides just to see how on earth a car worked without a proper gearstick and no clutch pedal at all, a heated windscreen, it had a heated windscreen, no-one I knew knew that you could do that or why you would want one, I only wanted one because I could and I don’t think I ever used it, just showed them the button, “Heated windscreen ” I’d say and they’d say “Why?” and I’d say “Dunno”.

It had air conditioning, the first car I ever had with aircon, “Whats aircon ?” they’d say and I’d switch it on and we’d all shiver as we were blasted with icy air, “Good isn’t it ?” I’d say, “Yeah” they’d say “can you switch it off its bloody freezing”.

It had a multi-play CD player, the first car I’d ever had with a CD player, “Look” I’d say, “it plays CD’s” and they’d say “Wow” and then I’d say “It has a CD store for six CD’s” and they’d say “Wow” and we’d play with it and make it switch CD’s every ten seconds or so so that you never got to listen to any of them properly.

You could level the headlights from inside the car just by pressing a button, but I never did because I never found out what “levelling the headlights” was all about anyway.

The rear seats reclined too, the rear seat passengers each had their own little button to recline the seats and if we all went to the pub in my posh Granada Scorpio the lucky back seat passengers would be snoring their heads off reclined in comfort by the time we got home.

That car had everything and I kept it for four years before I got bored with it and bought a Volvo V70 instead – now that car WAS a money pit…

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