David comes back home …

Welcome back from your severely curtailed holiday David, and just remind us again – what was this idea about a Big Society ?

I think it was the mother of David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher, who once famously stated that “There is no such thing as society” and purely by coincidence there was a little unrest on the streets shortly after that statement too.

So taking a different tack this time David has decided upon offering the provision of many social services back to us the general public on the pretence that it will be good for us to get up off our backsides and go run a school, or an old people’s day centre, in our spare time, for free because the salaried people who did do those jobs have all been made redundant – hey maybe they could run their former workplaces for free because they’ve got no jobs and lots of free time now ?

Rioting, looting and burning down whole streets of shops and houses in the city where next years Olympic Games are going to be held is a tad embarrassing for the Prime Minister and the poor lad has had to leave his Thomas Cook last minute bargain (hotel will be appointed on arrival) vacation to fly back home in a hurry and take charge again although what difference he will make is unknown, sitting around a table insisting that the temporary Metropolitan Police Commissioner does something about it all will only bring the answer “Well actually David, I’ve only been in the job seven days and I’ve only just located the coffee machine in my building, does anyone know where the keys to the executive loo are, the waste paper bin in my office is starting to whiff a bit of ammonia now…”

When your Police Commissioner of the city which is going to host next years Olympic Games has to resign because of charges of  illegality and corruption in his police force, when your written news media is embroiled in three separate investigations into illegal activities and corruption and when virtually all of your Members of Parliament hold their hands up to charges of embezzlement and fraud on a grand scale, have to hand back fraudulently obtained sums of public money sometimes equal to an “average” persons salary, and worse still some are serving prison sentences for doing so, then is anyone really surprised that a young kid with no job, no hope of a job, no social benefits, no hope of claiming any social benefits, no housing and no hope of housing in the distant future, decides to help himself to a Playstation from a Sony distribution warehouse ?

Get the sick bag out David, this could be a bumpy flight.


2 thoughts on “David comes back home …

  1. Not so sure I agree with you this time Gerry.

    Deprivation plays its part, but it’s not the whole picture and it doesn’t justify this behavior.

    There’s a section of society that thinks it is owed a whole lot without the need to contribute or play by the same rules as those who do most of the providing.

    We need also to get our ideas of hopelessness, poverty and deprivation into perspective. There are millions – multi millions – worldwide who will never have the opportunities or the level of safety net that even the most disenfranchised in our society take for granted.

  2. Thats true, it doesn’t justify theft and destruction of property but when those who are doing this do not have any leadership from those who should be leading not only them but the whole country, and when those “leaders” are themselves shown to be corrupt and engaging in illegal practices you can work out for yourself where the justification in a looters mind comes from.

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