Postkat’s Progress

Four weeks ago I ordered some pet insurance via the “Compare the Market” web site and as everyone knows, when you order insurance stuff from that web site driven by meerkats then you get a free meerkat toy courtesy of Alexandra Meerkat as in his own words in an email he sent to me shortly thereafter, ” Postkat have left Meerkovo to embark on great journey to United Kingdoms. He take with him your prestigious reward. Take lookings at map to see where Postkat be on his travels.”

Postkat left Meerkovo with my prestigious reward on 16th July and since then whenever I have “take lookings at map” to see where he is he seems to be in a completely different European country, indeed he now seems to be backtracking and revisiting all the European countries that he went to in the first week.

He does send me email postcards though, about twenty of them so far, all signed off with “Best of the Wishes, Postkat” and according to his latest one he is now in Barcelona, a mere 925 miles away from my house, I do hope he hurries up with my prestigious reward so I don’t need to keep waiting in the house for him.

Of course I show my daughters the email postcards whenever they arrive, “Hey look” I say, “another postcard from Postkat, lets see where he is today” and I click the screen and roar with laughter, “ho, ho” I say, “Look, he’s stuck in Kiev” and my two daughters stand behind me and shake their adult heads with pity for me and the eldest one tells me that its more likely that my parcel is stuck in a sorting office in Liverpool.

When I was raising them I think I over did it on the cynical.


5 thoughts on “Postkat’s Progress

  1. Did you get your toy yet?

    After waiting a long time (3 months) mine finally came through! Something to do with validating the sale. :-/


  2. Yes, Postkat finally turned up at the door, maybe they wait until you’ve made at least one direct debit payment ?

    That seems to have been the case with ours.

  3. Mine arrived in Dover today a mere 20 miles from my house, so hopefully I’ll get it in time for Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

  4. i got pet insurance through compare the market i claimed my toy and received it within a month then 2 weeks later i received a 2nd toy

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