Back Home Again…

Well landing at Doncaster at night while the remnants of Hurricane Katia blasted across Northern England was fun, extreme fun, I like the flying bit of flying, hate the airport bit of flying but the flying bit itself is always good, especially if you are sat behind the wings like we were so you can see all the mechanical stuff that keeps you in the air – last night and even though it was dark outside there was just enough light from the full moon and the aircraft lights to see just how much of a struggle it was to bring the 737 down with wings sort of level with the horizon.

It helped that we landed at Doncaster Robin Hood Airport, it being a former RAF bomber base and having one of the longest and widest runways in England, our pilots at least had lots of tarmac to aim at, hit the ground hard and stuck there at the first attempt, nice one chaps and a change of underpants all round on the flight deck please.

So what was Corfu like after a 31 year absence ?

Pretty much as I remember it actually, the town of Corfu hasn’t changed at all in hundreds of years so that was a given, and the inland bits are still absolutely untouched in a subsistence way, but even the coastal touristy areas are pretty much as I remember them, sure there have been lots of tourist hotel and apartment developments but there’s been no development over three storeys high anywhere and that helps to hide it all away in the abundant greenery, that and the fact that its very mountainous in the north of the island where we were based and there’s only so much building that you can do while clinging to a cliff face, the overall impression is of a place that hasn’t been spoiled by tourism like for instance the tower block ridden Costa’s of eastern Spain.

As an example, Kassiopi on the north east coast of Corfu definitely hasn’t changed one iota since I landed there from a boat as a sallow 23 year old in 1980, its bay sits wedged in between two hills and its simply not possible to expand the village and so they haven’t and when we descended once more upon its harbour last Saturday evening it was exactly as I recalled it, beer, then sunset, then food, then home, perfect.

The weather ?

Hot, very hot, Corfiots were complaining of an unnatural September heatwave with temperatures of 38 to 40 degrees (around 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) with very high humidity some days, the shade and beer beckoned except for Tony from our party for whom there cannot be enough sun in the day nor can it be hot enough, if we found six seats in the shade he would pull his out into the open and bask some more, he is now the colour of mahogany and all without the aid of any sun protection creams or potions or spray tans, he is unnatural.

I have kept a diary, a sketchbook, and will be composing its pages into digital format shortly and of course posting here despite the pleadings and then outright threats of some of the females of our party, in the meantime have a taster,

Paleokastritsa baking in the September heat


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