Its that “Doh!” moment…

The Fuji S7000 digital camera has served me well for several years, yes I admit, I couldn’t afford a proper digital SLR at the time so I went for the next best thing and when I bought it it had the most megapixels of any camera on the shelf, as if that matters, what would I know, I swallowed the sales line and bought the camera.

And a 1gb CF memory card, again, the biggest available at the time, they saw me coming, what can I say.

Its served me well these years, I am nobody’s photography geek, I simply set the thing to “Auto”, point it and press the button and most of the time it takes excellent photos and then occasionally it takes awful blurry photos and so I check the switch at the side that sets the autofocus settings and find that I knocked it off when I took it out of the bag – thats as complicated as my photography gets.

I have absolutely no doubt at all that I could improve my photography greatly if I only asked what all the other buttons on the bloody thing do, what’s this dial thing for, what do all of those letters and settings on this other dial do, what is this button for, that sort of thing, but frankly life is too short anyway, point and shoot is good for me.

And I only use the photos to select suitable subjects for painting, hardly any of my holiday snaps involve family or other people, most of them are of buildings or bits of the landscape that I think might look good in a painting, a painting that might sell and raise money for another holiday – method in my madness see, so don’t arse about with the camera settings, get the scene snapped and paint out the errors later.

So I took the camera on holiday to Corfu with the intention of capturing lots of nice scenes for a series of Corfu based paintings which, in my dreams, will sell like hot cakes, make me rich and famous, and pay off the credit card bill that was run up in order to go to the bloody island in the first place.

I deleted everything off the media card before I went and then like an idiot pressed another button which gave me the option of setting the resolution of each photo – normally this is set at a low resolution, so low that my Blackberry phone now takes higher resolution photos, so I upped the setting to 6 megapixels, whatever those are, and the camera gleefully told me that I had enough room for 340 photos, more than enough, off I went on me holidays.

Three days later I’m snapping away and I get a “Read Error” message, “Oops” think I, and ignore it, the camera keeps working anyway and I can scroll back and look at all the photos I’ve just taken, “Must be something to do with the sun” I think, “poor things tired”.

And we go on trips and I snap away for ten days and get lots of nice locations for paintings and all is well in the world and I’ll be a famous artist right soon, and rich to boot, and then with just two days to go I am idly browsing my magnificent database of saved photos and suddenly realise that there are only 10 on the memory card, thats 10 in total, not 10 left, just the ten photos – I could have sworn that I’d taken around 300 already.

And still I do not panic for I remember the time some years ago when I accidentally pressed another setting, the one that said “Protect All” which basically means that you prevent yourself from viewing or editing or deleting any of your photos, and I think “Ah yes, I must have pressed that button again” even though I can’t recall doing that nor even know where that button is, I really must learn how to use this camera after all these years.

So I get home and yesterday I get out the instruction book and find out how to “Unprotect All” and I do that and plug the camera into the PC.

And it finds ten photographs.

“Oh fook” is what comes to mind.

“DOH!” indeed.

Worry not dear reader for after shouting and swearing at inanimate objects for nearly an hour I have a brainwave and do a Google search for “How to recover lost photos from your camera for idiots” and download some software that promises to find my missing stuff, and indeed it does, but it won’t let me save them until I pay it £32, and I have to, and now the holiday account has more overhead to pay off from the Corfu range of paintings that will be appearing over the next six months or so.

Lesson learned – read how to use the bloody camera properly next time.


2 thoughts on “Its that “Doh!” moment…

  1. …………………and you can bet that the photos you just paid to retrieve are pretty much the same as I have sat in my Corfu albums on Facebook. You should have said 😉

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