To my dear wife, one day after our wedding anniversary…

Jesus Christ he looks like Vaz (Professor of Hard Sums) doesn’t he ?

Anyway, having celebrated my birthday yesterday its only right that we should spend today celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary, yes I know our wedding anniversary was yesterday too but its my birthday on the 17th, it came first, its not my fault that she decided we should get married on my birthday and there ain’t no room for two celebrations on the 17th, so…

I got a bollacking yesterday for not acknowledging our anniversary at all, no card, nothing, sent her out to work as normal and have done the same today, she should know by now that I don’t do cards, its been 28 years for gods sake, you’d think she’d be getting the message by now, I don’t support Hallmark in their quest to get us to buy a card in celebration of some random thing every week of the year but I have to admit that the store I was in yesterday buying my own birthday present of more paints and canvases actually had quite a large greetings card department and the thought never crossed my mind that I should buy a wedding anniversary card, still…

So if you were on holiday and you were sat in a bar that had a kareoke  session going and someone bullied you into getting up, then this is what you’d want to sound like isn’t it, well if you’re a bloke it is anyway, so here we are, close your eyes my dear and pretend this is me singing to you in a smoky, dimly lit bar somewhere nice, and happy anniversary.

Now get back to cleaning those toilets.


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