Car vs Bicycle

13 miles per hour.

According to the trip computer in my car, thats my average speed over the past seven days.

In my car.

13 miles per hour, I picked the car up from the dealership just seven days ago and in those seven days I’ve been to the office and back five times and into Leeds and back twice, and then I spent fifty minutes queueing in traffic all the way to Halfords which is three miles away to buy some floor mats and a smelly air freshener on Saturday.

It normally takes me twenty to twenty five minutes to cycle the seven miles to the office in a morning, this morning it took me fifty minutes to drive the same distance in the new car and as I sat in the queue all the way to the office I kept seeing cyclists gleefully passing on the inside and couldn’t help but think every time it happened, “I should be on my bike”.

So far I’ve put £40 worth of petrol in the car (used half of it), I’ve had to insure it and have paid the finance company a wedge for this month too, the bike would have cost me a quick spray of WD40.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the bike is in bits on the garage floor at the moment and in need of a wheel rebuild then I’d be back on it tomorrow.


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