Video Saturday – Barry Ryan

Its so gratifying to know that everybody gets old, its not just you who looks in the mirror and thinks “what happened ?”, unless you are Paul McCartney or Barry Manilow of course in which case you look in the mirror and think “Are the stitches holding ?”

Barry Ryan and his twin brother Paul were Leeds lads, came from Meanwood actually, rehearsed in my dads club actually, or was the The Grumbleweeds, might have been The Grumbleweeds, anyway, Barry Ryan and his twin brother Paul had a smattering of chart success in the 1960s under the imaginative name of, erm, Paul and Barry Ryan, until the Paul half of the singing duo decided that he wanted to write songs rather than perform them and the duo became a duo where one of them didn’t appear in public but wrote the songs that the other would perform instead.

“Eloise” was one of several huge hits written by Paul Ryan (one even included on Frank Sinatra’s “Old Blue Eyes Is Back” album) and was a million seller in 1968, three years before this bit of video (above) was recorded.

I can only assume that the above video is of a foreign TV source for its all just a bit strange and contrived in that strange and contrived way that European music shows seem to be, note the presence of two very weird members of the audience sitting and kneeling on the stage performing what must be substance induced “dance” movements like little sorcerers dwarves, on drugs, very groovy man.

And now fast forward 35 years to another European music programme which was showcasing “The Way It Used To Be”, presented of course by wizened old men who remembered how it used to be and a young bit of French totty who’s most ancient popular music memory is probably of  The Spice Girls – Vive La France and their predilection for young bits of French totty.

And so those of us of a vintage similar to Mr Ryan can take solace from this video (below) by looking at the video (above) and then quickly down to the video (below) and then smiling, nodding wisely, checking the mirror and noting that even Barry Ryan looks like an old git these days*


*see also David Essex.


2 thoughts on “Video Saturday – Barry Ryan

  1. Its hard to describe “groovy” to young kids, but that first video has “groovy” in abundance.

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