Video Saturday – Tom Jones


On a day when our shiny faced Prime Minister flies a Welsh flag over Downing Street and tries to pretend that he gives a fook about rugby – I can see him stood on the wing playing for Eton, hands in the pockets of the faded blue shorts-with-pockets (all rugby union shorts have pockets, a fact that is as inexplicable as it is strange), trying to keep out of the way of the rough boys so that his face isn’t de-shined or mummy-boy good looks re-arranged like a plasticine model – we really should re-visit the 1960s, and Tom Jones, who in case you hadn’t noticed, is Welsh.

But he probably doesn’t live there any more, for who would if you had the means to leave ?

I love this video, not for the song or the singer, but for the dancing for the dancing sums up the 1960s for me – a bit silly, a bit pointless, pure frippery, and it reminds me of my mum and dad who would dance like that when they were drunk on holiday, as would everyone at Wallis’s Holiday Camp, and they’d all think they looked so groovy…



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