An update on Jackson

No he’s not dead, or pretending to be dead, he’s just relaxing.

When we picked him up from The Dogs Trust in June we noticed that they use (and are always appealing for) quilts for the dogs to lie on, so off I went to Tesco’s and bought Jackson a quilt, a cheap one it has to be said (£5), but a quilt never the less and when I got it home I was told that he couldn’t have his quilt because it was white and it didn’t match the decor, so off we went back to Tesco’s and bought a quilt cover (£8) so that the dog’s bed will match the decor in the hallway – these things are important apparently.

I don’t think that Jackson actually cares either way about the decor but he does love his bed.

The cushions were Jodie’s until she decided that maybe Jackson would like them better and indeed he does, if you can’t find him anywhere in the house then look in the hallway, he’ll be lying on his back on his bed.

He’s still got issues and phobia’s about going outside, I’ve got a regular route going in a local park that he’s happy with now especially as we go through three or four hot dog sausages on the way around it, if he hesitates or tries to turn and run back to the car then the hot dogs come out and its treat diversion time – handy tip from the Dogs Trust dog psychologist that one, next time you see a Dogs Trust employee check out the little pouches that they all carry on their belts – hot dog treat pouches they are.

He doesn’t like walking the streets though, not with only one person anyway, he’ll go if there are two of you but not if anyone is left in the house, thats the shepherd dog instinct according the the doggy psychologist, his anxieties falling back on his instinct – doesn’t like walking streets so panics that the pack has been split up, and hot dogs won’t fix that, I have to put him in the car and drive him away from home to the park to put some space between us and home, then he’s OK.

In the house he’s a great dog, very obedient, you can remove his food literally from under his nose and he sits politely and waits for its return (Dogs Trust say not to do that but thats where we have to disagree), and he loves to “talk” to you.

Talk ?

If he wants your attention he’ll sit and stare for a while, if you ignore him he’ll snap his mouth in a silent bark, its very funny to watch – if you ignore this he’ll give a very quiet “woof”, then one a little louder, then a huge paw will land on your knees and if you continue to ignore you’ll suddenly find two paws in your lap and 40kg of prime German Shepherd Dog kneeling on you pushing his huge face into yours.

He is now at the ideal weight for an adult GSD, around 40kg (88lbs), when we first saw him at the Dogs Trust he had just arrived from a dog pound in a different city where he’d been found wandering the streets, left unclaimed at the dog wardens for ten days he’d been sent to the Dogs Trust for rehoming but was very skinny at just 32kg, skin and bones in fact and we constantly wonder how long he’d been left on the streets or whether his previous owners had just neglected him so, hard to believe as he is otherwise extremely well socialised but his is not an unusual story at the Dogs Trust where dogs arrive every day who have been simply thrown away as their owners grow bored of them, change their relationships, or simply find that their dog doesn’t match the decor anymore.

Loves cheese spread, hot dogs, has eaten a hot ‘n spicy pizza including the cardboard box it came in, has stolen 24 newly baked buns from the kitchen worktop and ate them all including the bun cases but did not move the plate or leave any crumbs behind, stole a huge chocolate cake last week but moved the plate this time and put it next to his own food bowl so that Jodie thought that one of us had given it to him, nearly got away with that one but failed to take into account that humans have phones and we all got the text saying “which one of you lot gave Jackson my chocolate cake”.

Such an excellent dog.


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