Video Saturday – Thin Lizzy

Oh but this is just too wonderful for words on several scores…

1. Its Thin Lizzy

2. Its 1973, the year I took my O levels, oh to be 16 again

3. As always, the TOTP audience, they’ve given me an idea for a new Saturday tea-time competition, “Dancing Like Twats”

4. The bloke at 1min 40 secs with the matching shirt and tie in a pattern that is illegal now, he dances like me

5. The girls at 2mins  20secs, who the fook do they think they are ?

6. The kid stood behind those girls in the Stars & Stripes t-shirt, I had one exactly the same and I too looked a right pillock in mine

And finally, a memory of Phil Lynotts mother tending her sons grave in a Dublin cemetery as seen on a Billy Connolly “World Tour” programme, when Connolly asked her what she thought of Lynotts legendary wild antics she replied, “Ah yes, he was a very naughty boy” while stroking his headstone – classic Irish.


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