Video Saturday – The Tremeloes

1960s popular music beat combo band The Tremeloes, captured here on Top of the Pops in the 1980s, god knows why but we are where we are.

So, its the early 1980s and I am living in The Queens pub in Whitley Bay, what kind of lifestyle is that for a young lad, living in a pub and all, a very good lifestyle actually, no responsibilities, someone else paying the bills, your money is just for beer, I couldn’t realise it at the time but life would never be that straightforward again – finish work at five, drive back to the Queens, park the van somewhere, anywhere, it didn’t matter because it wasn’t your van, 6pm, hmm, must be time for beer then…

Anyway, in those halcyon days hotel rooms didn’t have TV sets in them so you had a “residents lounge” instead where, if you were lucky, you’d be the first person in there of an evening and you’d grab the remote control and get to pick what was on TV for the rest of the night, if you were not so lucky you’d have to watch what someone else wanted to watch.

So I come in from work one night and stroll into the residents lounge to find four blokes already in there sat watching TV, I take my usual seat in the corner facing the TV set, nod to them in that way that blokes do,


Thats blokes conversation that is, if we were women we’d be well into a conversation on the carpet or the curtains by now but for blokes its just “Alright?” and you’re a bit strange if you want to speak some more.

And I’m watching TV with these four strangers and they keep talking to each other in low voices and its obvious that they are together but lots of contractors stay at The Queens so thats not unusual, but these blokes don’t look like building site workers and out of the corner of my eye I sort of recognise one of them, so doing that thing where you pretend to be watching the TV but you slyly swivel one eye to the left to look at something that you’re pretending not to be looking at I can see that yes, I’m sure I recognise at least two of those blokes now but then one of them looks at me so I quickly switch to watching the TV again as if I wasn’t sneaking a peek at them.

This goes on for ages.

And then the penny drops and I almost blurt out loud, “Fook me its Brian Poole and The Tremeloes”.

And so it was, in The Queens in Whitley Bay.

And then exactly a week later the same thing happens, I walk into the residents lounge and this time there are five blokes sat there already watching my, erm, the residents TV, and I sit in my usual seat and do that thing again where you pretend to be watching TV but you’re not, and wait, this bloke sat nearest to me, it can’t be can it, surely it isn’t Dave Dee of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich fame ?

But it is and so hang on, the one sat next to him, the one dozing off to sleep, that must be Dozy then, and next to him, the one with the big nose, Beaky obviously, and the one at the end of the settee, the one who’s feet don’t touch the floor, he must be Tich, do they always sit in the same order as their band name, and I almost blurt out loud and point to the fourth one in the line “You must be Mick then”.

I haven’t a clue why either 1960s popular beat music combo’s were staying at The Queens in Whitley Bay in the early 1980s, but I ignored them in a sort of cool, “I don’t care who you are really” sort of way.



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