Grumpy Old Man – Money saving Tips

Do you know who really pisses me off ?

Martin Lewis.

Yes, him, the money saving expert, the slightly camp one who is never off the TV set extolling the virtues of every money saving voucher ever printed, the one who urges you all to switch energy suppliers so often that you really can’t remember who’s supplying what this month, the one who knows everything about anything and isn’t afraid to let you know.

Have you ever tried to change your credit card to a credit card company thats offering a 0% balance transfer ?

This is one of Martin Lewis’s favourite money saving tips, “Change to a 0% balance transfer card” is all he’ll scream at poor old Lorraine Kelly’s viewers, “Go on, do it now!” he’ll scream at the camera as if you are all dimwits who need cattle prodding into money-saving action.

Have you ever tried to do it ?

I have.

You spend half the day filling out a form on the 0% balance transfer credit card web site during which you have to tell them how much money you’re going to transfer onto their 0% offer, then you click the “Submit” button and depending on who this weeks provider is you’ll either get and instant “NO”, or in my case “You again ?” or if its Barclaycard they’ll send a letter eight weeks later to say “NO” or in my case “You again?”

I’ve applied to so many 0% balance transfer credit card companies that I can’t remember which ones I’ve been refused at now and so find myself just applying to all of them every month with a chain letter, which does wonders for my credit score – I’ve applied to Virgin Money hundreds of times, even pointed out the fact to them that I’m a Virgin Media customer and this application is being done on a Virgin Media broadband line, has been scanned by Virgin Media security software and that I will grow a goatee beard like the god of all that is Virgin, but still the instant reply comes back “We told you last week and we haven’t changed our minds yet”.

We’ve changed energy suppliers despite the fact that they all charge pretty much the same price when they get hold of you as a customer, we changed to the ethically correct Co-op Energy who then went and ethically charged us £15 a month more than British Gas did, and do you know what – when I price checked them I’m sure the cost was cheaper than British Gas, in fact I can’t imagine why I’d go to all the trouble of changing supplier if the new supplier cost 20% more than the previous one, thanks Martin Lewis, that was a really brilliant idea.

“Reclaim lost Tesco points” screams Martin Lewis this week and hereby reminds me of another scam – has anyone ever been reimbursed for Tesco points, or worse still, Nectar points ?

I’ve had a Nectar card for years and years, the company I work for have an account at BP filling stations and so they gave me a Nectar card and in the days when I had a company car and was filling it up with petrol every couple of hours I’d have hundreds of points added to my Nectar card, my Nectar card probably has millions of points on it now and yet they’ve never once written to me with a statement or advised me that I can now buy a new house with the Nectar points amassed, as I surely must be able to.

I do recall once logging onto a web site to check my Nectar card balance and it stating that I had spent thousands of pounds with BP and amassed three Nectar points worth 1p, ok I exaggerate with the amount of fuel but it really did say that my balance was 1p and then gave me a list of retailers that would be more than happy to use that 1p as a discount against my next purchase, I can’t tell you how under-whelmed I was about the whole loyalty card thing at that point and so now when they ask if I have a Nectar card I glare at them and almost shout at them “NO!” in such a manner that they never bother to ask if I’d like one creating for me.

No Martin Lewis, the best money saving tip I can offer readers at this time of year is to shop where the fookwits work, I did this last year at my local Asda for they employed at least one fookwit in there and I used the till that she was working on to buy our christmas turkey and a huge shoulder of pork, all for £5.

How did I manage this massive money saving discount ?

She charged me the price per pound and not the actual price based on the weight of the produce, gross saving was something like £25.

Jerrychicken Money Saving tip for this xmas – get up early on a Saturday, go to supermarket, look for the checkout girl who is obviously still pissed from the night before.

3 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man – Money saving Tips

  1. We have Clark Howard….penny pincher…fun to watch on occassion. My favorite is Dave Ramsey, he actually tells you to keep your pennies…so you “live like no one else, so you can live like no one else”… which seems to lead me into subsistance living…

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