Video Saturday – Joe Egan

Another fine track from the Joe Egan album “Out of Nowhere”, an album so ignored by the publishing media that this 50% of Stealers Wheel was an unknown within months of the break up of that duo.

Being in contractual turmoil with their record company didn’t help of course but when he could finally release an album of his work in 1979 it was eclipsed by the success that former partner Gerry Rafferty had with “Baker Street” and “City to City”.

Egan had one minor hit from the album, his second single release was this song and it did nothing, a second album released two years later wasn’t publicised and not even his mother bought it and the music business lost a fine writer and performer as Egan stuck two fingers up at the trade and went into publishing.

I found a cassette of this album in a clearance bin in HMV about 30 years ago and played it to death, literally I killed the cassette in my van on those interminable journeys to and from the north east, since then I have seen neither hide nor hair of it anywhere, its not on Spotify, you can’t buy it on CD anywhere and I’ve never heard anyone do a cover of any of the ten excellent songs on it – its a crying shame.



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