Being In Favour Of Charles Dickens…

This is the perfect time of year to acquaint yourself with possibly the greatest writer of the English language, anytime, anywhere, and I’ll fight the man who disagrees, ok maybe a small child, out in the car park, now.

And the best thing about acquainting yourself with Charles Dickens at Christmas is that being as he is well out of copyright, all of his works are available to download free of charge via the wonderful worldwide web from sites such as this one for instance , or this one as another for instance .

And you don’t even need a special eReader to read the stuff, oh no, most free downloads are available in PDF format so they can be read on a normal computer, its the best free Christmas present you’ll ever treat yourself to.

The obvious Christmas choice is A Christmas Carol of course, although personally I prefer Oliver Twist  (The Parish Boys Progress) both of which are easy reading and contain far more background detail in the storyline than any version of any film adaptation you’ve ever seen.

He is a very easy author to get into mainly because most of his novels and short stories were written for weekly periodicals and so fall into easy to digest chapters of similar length designed to be dipped into and then picked up again some time later, he doesn’t use flowery language but manages to lay out a scene with a depth of historical detail, and of course there are the characters that inhabit the stories, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Oliver Twist, Fagin, Bill Sikes, Wackford Squeers, Uriah Heep, Newman Noggs, and the character that Harry Potter’s Dobby must surely have been based on, Smike, the unfortunate schoolboy who was far to old to be still in school but had been left there by his parents who didn’t want him back.

You won’t be disappointed if you’ve never read Dickens and if you like the two above then you simply must try what is in my opinion the greatest Dickens novel – Great Expectations.

So much choice all for free.


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