0800 FAIRY

At this festive time of year thousands of fairies will be dragged screaming from their homes in the lofts of houses across this land, isolated from their friends and family at this most precious time of year and by means of sellotape and rubber bands affixed to the very tip of conifer trees for up to a month at a time.

The Confidential Fairy Helpline (dial 0800 FAIRY) can help, if you see a fairy stuck to one of your neighbours Christmas trees for extended periods of time then dial 0800 FAIRY and complain to one of our trained counsellors, last year we rescued over 8000 fairies from the tops of Christmas trees all over the UK some of whom had been up there for several days without suitable provision for food, water or toilet breaks.

Help stamp out fairy abuse this Christmas, dial 0800 FAIRY and shop-a-neighbour, save-a-fairy today.


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