Video Saturday – Jim Croce

Two young men, two guitars, finely crafted lyrics, a beautiful song about love gone wrong, no dramatic key changes for the last verse, no soaring choir at the end, no fireworks, no crowd to whip up into an artificial screaming frenzy, no need to cover up the inadequacies of the singer with loud backing, no need for a backing track at all – this was the world before Cowell & Co got hold of “productions”, this was the world when an artist would say to TV viewers that they were going to “sing” their latest song, not “perform” their latest song – there is a world of difference, singers who don’t need to dance in order to convince you that you should buy their product, there’s the acid test right there when considering whether to buy music today – does the singer dance, if “Yes” then sack them right off.

Jim Croce and his accompanying guitarist Maury Muehleisen recorded a session for the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test in July 1973 but just eight weeks later both would die in a light aircraft crash while travelling home from a gig in Louisiana.

If you hurry there is an extensive library of Jim Croce’s work currently available on Spotify.


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