On the easel today …

Progress in the preparatory sketch so far.

Sometimes you just slap the paint and ink on and see where you go…

…and again after another hours work – this is just the A3 size experiment stage, its going to be a 60×60 canvas after this.

I think this one is done now.


7 thoughts on “On the easel today …

  1. Well that one is 50cmx40cm on a flat paper/canvas but will look bigger when mounted & framed, I did it to see if the gold paint came through and I think it works – did try to buy some gold leaf for highlights but couldn’t find any anywhere.

    Another pub night ?

  2. Good idea I am ok monday or thursday next week ,can we go somewhere that has
    wallpaper,a wc , and where we are not expected to decorate this time

  3. You are so fussy when it comes to pubs, theres nothing wrong in letting the decorators work around you, how about 8pm at The Dexter on Monday ?

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