Video Saturday – Dan Seals

How much like James Taylor did Dan Seals sound, he’s left a superb music legacy, have a listen on Spotify, mighty fine music.

More importantly how good are cowboy hats, I wish you could wear cowboy hats in England without looking a right div, a man with my age and coiffure would just be suited to wearing a cowboy hat constantly, seriously, the only time I’d take off a cowboy hat would be to go to bed and then sometimes I wouldn’t take it off even then.

And a beard, you have to have a beard to wear a cowboy hat, or at least be unshorn for a few days, and denim, with worn leather, and boots, I should start my own clothing range and get a franchise at Debenhams, call it “Dan Seals”.

But the truth is that a man of my age and coiffure round these parts gets to wear a flat cap and if he gets to wear denim its in the shape of shapeless jeans that are the same width at the top of the leg as at the bottom, grasped around the waist with an old belt and a man of my age and coiffure around these parts looks drab and lives in his garden shed, goes shopping with his wife and doesnt speak to her, he never puts anything in the shopping trolley because he doesn’t care for shopping, does not know how the washing machine works, would just wear dirty clothes for the rest of his life if his wife left him, only owns one flat cap and wears it until its solid with dirt and grease.

The Dan Seals Debenhams franchise, you heard it here first, you’ll all look like Dan Seals this time next year, now, whats Debenhams head office phone number…


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