A Sunday Larf – “…and the profits go to the fish”

Whenever Ned or I have a brilliant idea the one who its being explained to will always stop and say “Tell me that again…” and the one who is doing the explaining will go into a confused recitation of the idea always finishing with “…and the profits go to the fish”, works every time.

The problem with kids today is that they have no sense of humour history for the one reason that TV companies would rather show them shite cartoons animated on computers in China and repeated on a two hour loop which leaves them transfixed to the screen with no idea of what they are watching, no identity with the flat one dimensional characters, and absolutely no enjoyment value at all.

Now when ah wor nobbut a lad we only had two channels to watch and only one of them showed kids programmes during the day and only on a school holiday – but you could bet your last penny that for the whole of that school holiday there would be an unrepeating series of Laurel and Hardy films, every one a classic of its time (and they were 40 years old when we were watching them), and when they finished that was that and you went out to play a game that always ended with “…and the profits go to the fish”.


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