Sunday Larf – Dudley Moore (with added naughty words)


Just a note – you may not want your children to listen to this, or the vicar if he has come around for tea, I’d hate you to be in an enthusiastic conversation with the vicar over how wonderful this blog is towards the church and then rush to the computer to show him todays offering, it could get you discommunicated (or whatever it is that churchy people do) for a long time.

To those of a colonial nature who only think of Dudley Moore as that nice English actor from those two Arthur films, well, his main trade was in TV comedy with his life long pal Peter Cook and one of their creations was the Derek and Clive characters, may I recommend that you do a Youtube search for Derek and Clive, but again, not while the vicar is around for his tea, I would particularly recommend “This Bloke Came Up To Me” …


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