Video Saturday – Gerry Rafferty

Caught the end of the most excellent BBC4 Artworks – Gerry Rafferty Right Down The Line programme last night and then the slightly disappointing “Gerry Rafferty Remembered” memorial gig from a few weeks ago, groups of his friends and admirers singing his songs in a way that always makes you think “I know you mean well, but its not a patch on the original”.

The Right Down the Line documentary is currently on BBC4 iPlayer for a short while and is also now on Youtube cut into bite-sized lumps, rather good.

Like everyone I first heard of him in 1978 after “Baker Street”, rushed out and bought the album then realised “Its the bloke off Stealers Wheel” and amongst all of the absolute dire crap from that year, remember, the late 70s were Disco Central, the fekkin Bee Gees dominated the charts with their screaming and wailing songs, some of which could only be heard by dogs, every last song ever released had the same electronic disco beat with a slightly different person singing an unintelligible lyric while squirming around in lycra on a stage  of flashing coloured lights as if in electric shock convulsion, amongst all of that shite from that terrible time in pop culture, “City to City” was a breath of fresh air and not a bad track on the album.

Nurse, bring the screens and put “Don’t Speak of my Heart” on the jukebox…


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