After the Trees Have Been Harvested

After the Trees Have Been Harvested

Acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 40cm

To the north of here are three great reservoirs that feed this city and above the one named Fewston is an area of Forestry Commission land which until a couple of years ago was densely packed pine woods and nobody noticed that the pine woods stood in neat rows, almost as if they had been planted there deliberately, and in fact they had been.

A couple of years ago I went up there to take some reference photographs and came across a whole hillside that looked as though some giant had just swept the trees away with one waft of his giant hand, as if some giant had sat there one lazy summers afternoon and plucked all of the trees up one by one as a child will casually pick daises for no other reason than they can.

I’m sure they’ve replanted it by now and probably in ten years time people will walk there again and think that the wood has always been there, but on that day the whole hillside looked devastated…

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