Work in Progress – Deacon Brodie

The Deacon Brodie Pub, Edinburgh

Watercolour on Arches Rough Watercolour Paper

I haven’t touched a watercolour for at least three years so to describe this one as “work in progress” might be pushing it a bit, “work that has halted and I don’t know where to restart” would be more accurate.

Anyone who has walked the Royal Mile (High Street) up to Edinburgh Castle will have walked past and maybe walked in, The Deacon Brodie pub, Deacon (William) Brodie (1741-1788), by day a respectable Edinburgh businessman and socialite, a fine cabinet maker and locksmith, by night a highly successful burglar, thief and gambling addict, his downfall being an armed raid on the Excise Office which led to arrest, trial, conviction and hanging on a gallows that he had designed himself the year previous.

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Deacon Brodie

  1. i loved that pub many years ago and still do 🙂 sorry that i have not been around here lately, but i was sooo busy with the silly job *sigh* have a great week-end!

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