Video Saturday – The Faces

Why oh why oh why, do we always revert to 1973, the O level year, we were 16 years old, ballsy, had hair, listened to this sort of music, didn’t care if it was badly mimed on Top of The Pops.

I had hair like that and Ron Wood didn’t have a crease on his face, this was The Faces second to last single, there had been a live album earlier that year but they hadn’t released anything of any substance for at least twelve months after Ronnie Lane left the band to buy a circus and become a gypsy, he was replaced by the random session bassist Tetsu Yamauchi who had played with Free for a short while but was probably just in the right place at the right time, probably walking past the record company office as Ronnie Lane was being thrown out of the front door by two bouncers closely followed by a torn up contract, he probably thought “Ah-so, bass opportunity knocks” and went in…

Shortly after this Rod Stewart would relocate to Los Angeles and be ruined by the “disco” scene there, his subsequent recordings would be mainly in the vein of “disco crap” for the next twenty years until his voice gave out and he reverted to huge sell-out stadium tours where tens of thousands would pay premium prices for tickets to listen to him talk his way through songs in one octave, I wouldn’t go to the end of the street to watch him perform these days, in fact if he was singing in my front garden I’d probably close the window and call the police…

…yes, Stings output is far more preferable these days.

#432 in a series of tortured punch lines



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