Painting in acrylics, but in a watercolour style

A4 size, acrylic on canvas textured, primed paper

Its easy to do of course for acrylic paint is water based, its what makes it so easy to use and its why it should be the first choice of anyone wanting to start to paint for “true” watercolour is such a bitch to master (in fact you never master it), but of course its not watercolour and although you can add enough water to sink a battleship you’ll never create a watercolour painting from acrylic paint.

This one was painted VERY “watery” but because the paper is primed then it won’t absorb any of the water or the pigment, so you layer on the paint and then wait for it to dry – but the pigment is also quite opaque, which again makes it differ from watercolour, and so the effects and the techniques are different.

The advantage is that its quick to see the results and yet when dry you can paint over the top of what you’ve done and lose the lower layer (impossible with watercolour, its what makes it a bugger to use), and the brightness of the colour doesn’t diminish in drying as much as watercolour does, the foreground was slapped on quickly with a palette knife.


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