Video Saturday – The Who

Can’t believe that its 11 or 12 years since we went to see The Who at Sheffield Arena, but it was, because John Entwhistle was still playing bass – where did those ten years go ?

The band were on stage for at least two hours, played almost every song that I’ve ever heard them record, Daltrey and Townsend bounced around the stage like they were still 18 years old instead of being grandfathers, Entwhistle never moved off his spot at the side of the stage and Ringo’s lad Zak Starkey played drums like Animal out of The Muppets looking for all the world like Keith Moon.

This song was played after they’d been on stage for around 90 minutes and was at least ten minutes long as in this video, it was simply stunning, the sound system at Sheffield turned up to max and doing justice to the performance in a way that never happened in sweaty little university halls or the disused tram sheds of the 1960s where we teenagers had to get our gigging fixes – is the Arena style experience comparable to the old 1970s  Queens Hall Leeds (actually not a hall at all but the aforementioned tram depot), its certainly a thousand per cent better in terms of sound quality but is the atmosphere there ?

We lucky citizens in this fair city will finally be blessed with an arena of our own very shortly, the fourth largest city in the country will no longer be able to sigh sardonically and mumble, “If only we had a large music venue in this city then we too would be able to see Celine Dion on tour” for when the 13500 capacity music venue is opened (soon) then our musical entertainment portfolio will be complete and we only had to sell our city airport to pay for it all – bargain.

This video was taken from the 1979 documentary film “The Kids Are Alright” and of course contains Keith Moon, or a very good animatronics replacement, so must have been filmed prior to 1978, but not much before I suspect.



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