Video Saturday – Free

Free play the Isle of Wight festival on 30th August 1970.

Paul Kossof the lead guitarist died six years later on a flight from Los Angeles to New York from heart failure as a result of years of drug addiction, which must have been a bit of a disappointment to his father David Kossof who had a high profile role on British TV at the time telling bible stories and generally waxing lyrical about the virtues of living a Christian life with no swearing or drinking and certainly no drug taking, after his son’s death he crusaded for the rest of his life against drug use in a Christian theme, presumably his sons death being just another of his Gods funny tricks that he plays on people to make them follow him.

The comments before and after the music performance ring as true now as they did then, I had a lot of empathy with the hippie lifestyle back then although I never actually put any of that stuff into practice, far from it in fact, I’m a bloody disgrace to the hippy lifestyle actually what with having all that money slip so easily through my hands int he intervening years, but still, I can appreciate what they are saying – the guy interviewed at the start of the video will be in his sixties now and is probably on the golf course at Royal Wentworth even as you read this.

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