Sunday Larf – Morecambe & Wise


You see, when I say “Life was so much simpler then” this is what I mean.

Sid and Dick (Sid Green and Dick Hills) who appear in this sketch were scriptwriters for ATV at the time of this recording, wrote for Morecambe and Wise for 8 years transferring to the BBC with them in 1968 before being replaced by Eddie Braben, obviously writing yourself into a sketch is an excellent way of earning a bit of extra dosh and subsequently appearing on the “Boom ooh yat-a-ta-tah” record that got into the music charts of 1963 did no harm either.

I vaguely recall being taken to see Morecambe and Wise at a theatre in Scarborough one summer, I say vaguely because rather disappointingly the show wasn’t The Morecambe and Wise show but a rather boring seaside review type show during which Morecambe and Wise made an extremely brief appearance and then buggered off, probably to make an extremely brief appearance in Bridlington within the hour, and then an extremely brief appearance in Hornsea within the hour, and so on down the coast, they could probably have played five or six venues in one night in that style – left my dad feeling conned I know that much and the rest of the show was apparently, and in his words “Shite from China” although he didn’t use the word “shite” in front of me and Ned (except when he forget), it was one of his favourite expressions when left disappointed by a much pre-hyped TV show, “Bloody shite from China” would be his final summary as he changed the channel.

Such epic TV programmes as “Planet of the Apes” fell into the “Shite from China” category, as did “The Champions” despite the fact that one of its stars, William Gaunt, was the son of our next door neighbour, “Bloody shite from China” our dad would say as he switched the channel over and then the next morning when he was starting the car up he’d say hello to old Mrs Gaunt and reply to her that yes, he had seen “The Champions” last night and wasn’t her Bill wonderful in it and he couldn’t wait for next weeks episode, and when he got in the car either me or Ned would always state quite loudly, “But dad, you said it was shite from china” and which he’d cough very loudly and our mother would play merry hell with him for the rest of the day for teaching us rude words like “shite”.


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