Sunday Larf – Ken Goodwin

Ken Goodwin


It always comes as a surprise to me that there is now a generation who know nothing of the things that we would watch, say and do when we were the same age as they are now, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

Fortunately A God invented the internet and then along came YouTube, allowing everyone to get their old VHS tapes out of the garage and put them in the public domain for posterity regardless of copyright claim and other legal guff, the world should not be denied Ken Goodwin for the sake of legal guff.

The definition of uniqueness being that there is only one, then Ken Goodwin must definitely be unique for no-one else could deliver  a series of, lets be honest, pretty poor quality jokes in a manner that makes an audience beg for five minutes break to get their breath back, or whip up such hysteria in an audience that long after he has left the stage they are still laughing and then later that night when they are trying to repeat those jokes to someone who wasn’t there, the person who wasn’t there just stares at them with a puzzled look on their face and says “But, thats not even funny”.

Ken Goodwin, the epitomy of “You had to be there”, ITV’s “The Comedians” just wasn’t the same if he wasn’t on it.


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