Sunday Larf – Jeux Sans Frontieres

As Pete Gabriel once famously sang about this programme, “Games without frontiers, war without tears”.

In the 1970s we were all cock-a-hoop over the idea of a United States of Europe, the UK had just joined the European Union and quite frankly the best thing to come out of the whole gravy train was the idea that all of the national TV broadcasters across Europe could chuck some money in a kitty and host an Olympic Games just for Europe, but without the Ancient Greek ideals.

In this Pan-European TV spectacular each country would host one round of the competition , water and custard would be heavily involved as would be fancy dress and ridicule, never again would a European dictator, who may or may not have been German, use proper athletics as a political statement for his crazy ideals for what European dictator would want to promote his aryan race by the use of penguins collecting water in a bucket ?

In the UK the BBC chose Stuart Hall and dear old Eddie “Arrr-a-wel-come to ‘eading-lee” Waring, Eddie was the straight man to Stuart Halls wet-your-pants-while-choking-with-laughter style of commentary, there has never been a programme or commentator quite like it since.


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