Video Saturday – The Beatles

Just to remind ourselves, here is Paul McCartney when he still had a voice, could knock out a decent song or two over a morning cuppa, and didn’t dye his hair, The Long And Winding Road before Phil Spector got his hands on it, The Beatles last single and their last #1 in America.

Recorded in January 1969 for the Let It Be album, passed over to Phil Spector to be “Spectorised” with strings and a much bigger sound then released in May of the same year it was the spark to the flame that persuaded McCartney that The Beatles were no more, they struggled to finish Let It Be, they were left with shards of recorded songs which were eventually pieced together and released a few months later as the finale “Abbey Road” (still one of the best albums EVER), and nine days after Spector returned his finished tapes to the studio McCartney broke up the band.

Now there are just two of them left, one lives in a marvellous world inside his own head and on the rare occasions that he is interviewed he seems remarkably happy to be inside his own head and not have to bother with the rest of the world, the other has become an animated mannequin who is dusted down, painted up, perfumed and then thrust out on a stage to re-perform a song he wrote when he was a youth and no-one seems to mind that his voice is shot just so long as he keeps it to three songs, tops, and doesn’t milk the applause too much – you’re not that good any more Paul.

But once upon a time they were the best in the world, as George used to say once upon a time they were fab, they told the story of our youth in their songs, those of us who grew up listening to their music right through the 1960s have been affected by that music ever since even if we don’t care to admit it, there hasn’t been a band in the world since who can say that, and there is certainly nothing like them now.


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