Video Saturday – Janis Ian

Plump up those cushions, pile them high on the settee, turn out all of the lights, pour yourself a nice strong cup of coffee and cut a generous slice of chocolate cake, settle back, breath deeply, slowly, relax, and let the music of Janis Ian melt all over you.

In the UK we first became aware of her in 1976 with the success of her single “At Seventeen” in the UK charts and at Christmas of that year I bought myself her album “Between the Lines”, it still remains one of my most-played albums standing somewhere close to The Beatles “Abbey Road”, an album packed full of lyrics, if you like listening to songs with proper lyrics that make proper sense and work as stand-alone poetry then you need to listen to a Janis Ian album and I can’t even pick one specific track from that album to recommend, I recommend them all, do yourself a big favour and listen, its on Spotify.

But turn the lights down first, lock the kids in the cellar, put the dog and the cat outside, send the wife off to her mother’s, sit back and use your ears for once in your life – the world doesn’t have to be this hectic really you know…



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