Video Saturday – Ray Davies

The Davies brothers in their guise as The Kinks just wrote the soundtrack to anyone’s life who was born in the 1950s and had a smattering of interest  in music throughout the 60s.

This song (Sunny Afternoon) is played as the background music in the movie of my life that gets played out from time to time in a cinema in my head, its used during the scene when we, as a extended family group, dozens and dozens of us, plus friends of my dad’s from various working mens clubs that he occasionally patronises, plus various random people who he has befriended in the past few days, plus everyone else on the beach who wanted a game of cricket and/or football, we’re all on the beach at Cayton Bay, its August 1966, England won the football world cup just weeks before, its a sunny afternoon for in my biographical film its always a sunny afternoon (apart from those camping trips to the Lakes in the 1970s), there’s a huge extended group sat in deckchairs on the beach, my dads organising a football match and several transistor radios are playing a transmission from a pirate radio station anchored somewhere off the East Coast.

I’m nearly ten years old, and life is sweet.

Ray Davies got hammered by the press for badly performing this song at the Olympics closing ceremony, and yes, his voice is naturally weak (always has been), but he wrote the song, he invented this song inside his own head using the genius of his brain and when he sings it like this, in this setting, then there is nothing to criticise at all, nothing.


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