Normally the thought of watching a video of a man putting ladders up against the side of a building would be the sort of thing that finally persuades you that your life has finally reached the bottom of the barrel, when you’re consigned to watching videos of a man putting ladders up then you know that you’ve seen everything now and there is nothing left to watch.

Except for two things.

1. I recently climbed a set of ladders to the roofline of my house and the next time that needs doing I will gladly pay someone whatever they ask to do it instead of me.

2. This is Fred Dibnah.

To those of a colonial nature who may not have heard of Fred Dibnah, Fred was a legend on British TV for decades, starting with a series of very simple documentaries like this one which followed his day job of being a steeplejack, climbing tall things with impunity to either repair or demolish them, to full TV stardom which involved following Fred on the day job of climbing tall things with impunity to either repair or demolish them – the only thing that fame brought to Freds life was that he could afford to employ a little old man to do all the ladder pulling work that his wife Alison is doing here while the kids wait in the Land Rover.

I’d like to point and laugh at the fact that his wife thought that the family were going on a holiday to Blackpool whereas Fred had in mind that he was demolishing a chimney and “she” could pull the ladders for him, I’d like to laugh but actually, I may have been guilty of doing similar things to my family and my father certainly did similar things to us when we were kids, “Fancy a trip to the seaside ?” he’d say and we kids would rush for our buckets and spades and it would be hours later as we sat in a factory car park near Scarborough that we’d realise that the seaside bit of that conversation would be the last ten minutes of the day after he’d done all of his sales calls first.

Yes, I definitely seem to recall doing that to my family too.





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