Thats not me in the crowd, not at all

I’ve seen Clandonia performing on the streets of Edinburgh a couple of times at Fringe Festivals and particularly at this performance in ’07, I was there that year, I saw them perform in that same square, but I don’t think I was there the day they filmed this.

At 2 mins 40 into the video you see a bloke stood in the crowd with a blue rugby shirt with two white bands on the sleeves.

I bought that shirt that year, that shirt was all over Edinburgh that year because it was supposed to be the official rugby shirt of the Scottish team who would shortly be competing in France for the Rugby Union World Cup, I still have that shirt, its a nice shirt, proper playing weight cotton and all – but that design was never worn by a Scottish team, not in the 07 World Cup or since, me and that bloke in that video (who is NOT me) were conned – LOL.

Still, Clandonia, you have to see them live, they whip the crowd up into such a frenzy after half an hour that you all want to rush the borders and kill some Englishmen, even when you’re English.



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