Video Saturday – Buffy Saint Marie

So in the UK at least we first heard of Buffy Saint Marie in 1970, singing the soundtrack to “Soldier Blue” a film now described as “American Revisionist” being that it told the story of the crushing of the Native American race, Red Indians, lets pretend we’re kids again and call them that, hell, lets pretend its 1970 again and get all outraged because a director makes a film that stops us up short and makes us think, “Ah, do you know what, I think that wasn’t right, I won’t say it was wrong, but it wasn’t right…”

Of course it was a few years later that I got to see the film, and the full story of how that happened is right here.

So Buffy Saint Marie, a Canadian Cree Indian, sorry, Native American, gets to sing the title song to the movie and makes a big hit of the title song to the movie, and then we discover that actually, she can write other stuff too, other protest songs, and she writes a song with two of the best lines I’ve ever heard in any song, ever…

If the bad guys don’t get you, baby
Then the good guys will

Hey don’t the wars come easy
Hey don’t the peace come hard

and you just know that you are listening to a serious artist with a serious message.

“Until its time for you to go” was from an early album of hers, originally performed in French and then covered by dozens of artists including Elvis but as always, none better than the original composer with a simple guitar backing, you can stick your big caberet performances where the sun don’t shine for a composer and a guitar and their own song, every time.

See what I mean, a composer, a guitar, and their own song, perfection.


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