Video Saturday – Random Schizzle and Banjo’s

I like the sound of a banjo or a mandolin or s steel stringed acoustic guitar thats being played right up in the top notes so that you watch and think “oooh I bet that hurts his fingers”.

I like Fleetwood Mac, now and again, I was lucky, or unlucky as the case may be, to be doing the tour of student houses when their “Rumours” album was released in the late ’70s, the album that was compulsory in law to own in any student house and frankly it was played to death, it was one of those albums where you go into some random student house on a boozy saturday night in the late 70s and someone who’s eye’s look a little out of focus so early in the evening says “Hey man have you heard Rumours?” and you start to tell them all about what the landlord at The Oak does in the beer cellar before they open in an afternoon and he says “No man, I mean Fleetwood Mac, have you heard it ?” and you admit that no, you haven’t, and they play it and its the best album you ever heard, ever.

And then three months later you’re sick to death of the bloody thing because every time you walk into a student house on a boozy Saturday night in the late 1970s you get the same wild eyed long haired freak stagger up to you and say “Hey man have you heard Rumours?” and you punch him in the mouth and break the fookin album over his head.

But this track is always good for the money…

So in 1975 The Eagles release an album called “One of these Nights”, The Eagles, a band masquerading as a mid-west cowboy country-rock sort of band whereas they originally had to do all of their recording in London to get noticed, and on that album were several huge singles, tracks that dominated the UK and US singles charts for a couple of years afterwards, but snuck away and hidden within that album, ok not hidden very well being as it dominates nearly 7 minutes of side one was an instrumental track that made use of the banjo in a way that had never been heard whilst sitting on a Kentucky front stoop…

OK so you’re getting the idea of a theme now, banjo’s, mandolins, theme tunes to TV programmes (anyone spotted that yet ?), so this one is totally at random and just because it popped up on the banner in Youtube and I looked at it and thought “Aww, I used to just LOVE that song” and it sounds like its got a mandolin in it or at the least the guitar player is playing right up the frets so that it must be killing his fingers, and its a great song…

“Its a certain kind of fool who likes to hear the sound of his own name”, how true that is, how true.

Says he who owns the domain 



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