Video Saturday – John Lennon

On the 32nd anniversary of the death of John Lennon its only appropriate that those of us who grew through our influential teenage years listening to his musical output should wallow in a little nostalgia and remember a simpler time, a time when the internet did not exist for public protest, a time when the mobile phone did not exist for arranging flashmob protest, a time when authority could stop you from doing anything with any amount of force, up to and including shooting at you and often as a consequence killing you, a time when peaceful protest was technically allowed but more often broken up with force, and a time when if you wanted to protest about anything you had to hope that “word of mouth” would get the message across – and it often did.

Let us not forget that John Lennon was a very outspoken critic of the United States’ involvement in Vietnam to the extent where very concerted efforts were made by the Nixon regime to have him deported from America where he had made his home, only stopped after three and a half years by a statement from the Appeals Court that ” … the courts will not condone selective deportation based upon secret political grounds.”

The song “Give Peace a Chance” is simple enough, a chant against a simple acoustic background recorded live in a Montreal Hotel in front of invited media (the power of celebrity being able to organise such a thing) and was quickly taken up by protest movements and football supporters across the world, although at the football the words were changed slightly to suit another agenda.

In the 1970s “Give Peace a Chance” was followed quickly by the song that always signals the start of Christmas for me, this copy being a modern version of the original video from the web site – music starts at 6 minutes if you don’t want to hear the man’s politics, 32 years after his death he can still stir violent feelings among some Tories and Republicans…

And finally, the mans masterpiece, I shall say no more than to sit back on a large cushion, turn out the lights, and wallow…


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