Video Saturday – Have Yourself a Merry….etc

So this is the story, David Bowie lives in the same street as Bing Crosby who seems to be staying at his richer relation Sir Percival’s house, Sir Percival isn’t around but when he isn’t around he lets David Bowie come to the house to play the piano, presumably because David Bowie can’t afford a piano at his house.

David Bowie has never seen Bing Crosby before at all as he doesn’t recognise him and he only knows of two other music acts which he believes to be “old stars” but who are in fact contemporaries of himself, he also being around and recording in the 1960s when Lennon and Nilsson were, Lord Percival clearly has never spoken of his poorer relation Bing Crosby to his neighbour and hence not ever mentioned that he was one of the worlds most famous men even to the day he died, however with stilted  introductions out of the way and Bowie still not aware of who “Bing” was  they take the opportunity to sing each other a song at the piano, Bowie picks the sheet music and they both start together but then half way through David Bowie starts to sing a different song to a different tune, Bing refuses to join in the new song and they end up singing louder and louder in a bid to outdo each other.

The scene that follows is disgraceful and was cut from the final video but results in Sir Percival returning home early to find his poor relation and his neighbour fighting in his living room using broken furniture for weapons, the piano lies as matchwood on the floor having been flung across the room at a wall by both men and the christmas tree is in ruins. Sir Percival evicts his poor yet world famous relation from the house and strikes him from his will, they never speak again, whilst David Bowie is black-balled from the neighbourhood and has to move to a less salubrious district where one year later he writes “Fame” in response to the voices he hears in his head after being struck on the temple by Sir Percivals sideboard.



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