Video Saturday – Paul Gadd

“Oh my god, come and have a look at this Mary, what the hell does he think he’s doing now, having a tribute to Paul Gadd, renowned paedophile, kiddy fiddler and all-round sleazebag of the parish, on his blog…”


Lets get the unsavoury stuff out of the way first, Paul Gadd was convicted of possession of child pornography in 1999 and in 2006 was convicted in Vietnam of committing obscene acts with minors, and more recently was arrested and interviewed in connection with the ongoing Operation Yewtree, an investigation into sexual abuse among the showbusiness fraternity from the 1960s onwards, and he is registered on the UK Sex Offenders Register for life, so his pervert title is not in any doubt and not many would ask for his autograph in the street these days, most would give him a good hard kick in the nads.


Its at times like this, during the long running Operation Yewtree which still has years worth of life left in it yet, that we should take a snapshot look at what the life of a rock star was, a life of wealth beyond wildest dreams, of adulation and excess, and of how that “excess” was politely covered up in public company, as here with the embarrassed coughs and “well we won’t go there” side comments when anything is mentioned of drugs and female company (however old, or young).

This is a snapshot of time, of 1982 to be accurate, a time when the persona of Gary Glitter was making another comeback and finding that an adoring public still existed out there, Gary Glitter’s Christmas Tours were known as the gig to be at, our Ned went to one and in his own words they went along to take the piss out of Gary Glitter but they couldn’t because the one person in the room who most took the piss out of Gary Glitter was Gary Glitter himself.

What is more interesting is the endless queue of those involved in the music industry in 1982 who filmed their own little video tributes to Paul Gadd, fawningly hanging their own brief fame onto his coat peg, they probably wouldn’t thank you all that much if this video was ever shown on prime time TV again as it was when it was first aired.

So have a watch, it has an amusement value, not least in the corny presentation that hadn’t changed since Eamon Andrews first presented the format in the 1950s, the music is crap, I never proclaimed to be a fan (Sam, I forgive you buying his Part 1 & 2 single), but its the guests on the show who must be cringing now although it has to be said, none of them actually turned up at the studio…

PS – one final point, Michael Aspel has already appeared on live daytime TV (last year) denying that he ever met Jimmy Savile only to be then shown a clip of him hosting the half hour program “Jimmy Savile, This Is Your Life”, wonder if he remembers doing this one, and you have to ask – how many other subjects of the show are still to be investigated ?


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