Video Saturday – Donna Summer

Ah, the winter of 1976, the now-long-dead Donna Summer singing of love forlorn, a song which resonated around inside a beat-up old Ford Escort Mk1 van as I drove it through snow, slush, rain and sleet around the streets and building sites of West Yorkshire delivering materials to electricians, heater blasting out tepid air at my wet feet while singing along to a mono radio which sucked in a signal via the use of a coathanger aerial as the original wing-mounted aerial had gone missing when the wing rusted away and the bit that held the aerial fell off one day, the days when you could drive a car or a van from your home and not be sure whether you’d be bringing all of it back are long gone in these days of MOT’s, more is the shame.

I love this video if only for the fact that it puts my mind at ease, for when I think back to how ridiculous I must have looked in the pubs and nightclubs of this fair city in those times then I retreat to contemporary videos such as these and relax in the knowledge that it wasn’t just me who looked like a complete wassock in huge flares of pastel colour and ties with a knot wider than your shoulders, it was EVERYONE.

And just observe the dancing, this is real dancing, this is 1970s dancing, these are couple who think that they are IT, “Look at us everyone” they are crying, “Look at us dancing, we are IT everyone”  the days when a man could spin around on his heels several times during each song and look completely trendy rather than a complete dancing clown, the days when you could raise an arm to the sky and point at the roof while looking at your feet for no apparent reason at all, the days when your arms could take on a life of their own, when your fingers could be clicked along to the music, or not along to the music but just clicked anyway, and you would be considered to be IT, “Look at him” they would all mutter behind their hands while observing from the edge of the dance floor, “he is IT, that kid can dance like he means it, see as he spins again, wow, I wish I was that cool”.

If you danced like that at a wedding these days then they’d all walk out and leave you to it.


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