Video Saturday – Stealers Wheel and beyond

Groovy-ness unbounded, by the time the band Stealers Wheel made this promotional video for the selling of their record via TV media they had already had a big argument with the co-writer and singer Gerry Rafferty and he had packed his bags and stomped off down the road leaving co-writer Joe Egan to do a very bad job of miming to the voice of the bloke he had just had a big bust up with.

To make things worse their self titled first album “Stealers Wheel” was starting to do big things in the music charts and no doubt at the very moment of their big bust up they were still waiting for the money to start rolling in, probably still are actually, and so behind the false smiles and bad miming you see one half of a song writing duo thinking to himself “The bubble has already burst and I haven’t seen one penny of it yet”.

Gerry Rafferty of course went on to greater things, Joe Egan didn’t although via the medium of the blogging world I have striven to find evidence of the album he recorded in the late 1970s “Out of Nowhere”, and fortunately there are some recordings to be had on Youtube, its a damn fine album and sold almost zero copies…


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