Video Saturday – Live From Daryl’s House

OK, so I’m slow on the uptake, I usually get the trends and the fashions 18 months after they are no longer trends or fashions, in fact the last time I was trendy was in the 1970s when Cyril-over-the-road made all of my very trendy clothes for me, ok, not for me literally, but I got them after they’d been modeled on the catwalk, full story here.

So I know nothing of Live From Daryl’s House but I found this video on YouTube and then with the wonder of the interweb thing within 30 seconds I knew all about Live At Daryl’s House – its Daryl Hall of course, you already knew that, Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates, yes that Daryl Hall, and its a podcast, a free monthly webcast – what more do you need to know.

This episode is of course with Joe Walsh, Joe Walsh of Crazy Joe Walsh fame, Joe Walsh of The Eagles, yes, that Joe Walsh, the same Joe Walsh who’s album “The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get” was, in 1973,  the only rock album stocked in the Leeds Central Library Music Library catalogue and believe me I searched that old building from top to bottom to find something, anything that wasn’t a classical music album after my dad had paid £1 to join for a year in the belief that he’d never have to buy another record for the rest of his life as he could borrow whatever he wanted from the record library and tape them all at home – imagine his disappointment to discover that whoever was the curator or librarian at the Leeds Central Library Music Library was of the opinion that nothing published after 1850 was worth listening to – anyway I found the Joe Walsh album and took it home and taped it (you had to sign a declaration when you joined the library that you wouldn’t tape any of their records – yeh, like that was going to work) AND THATS how I was introduced to Joe Walsh…

Every record has a story…

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