Video Saturday and the Museum of Recollections

Why choose The Bee Gees singing this particular song ?

Because it was No 1 in the UK popular music charts w/e 3rd Sept 1968

And why is that so significant to me and several others who may happen to pass this way – because that is the week that we walked into Leeds Modern Grammar School for the very first time, clad repentantly in our new Rawcliffes issue school uniform, sweet and innocent as the dawning of a new day, hopes and aspirations soon to be dashed to the ground by the realisation that some older boys were intent on stealing your cap and selling you a pen licence, or beating you up, your choice, but be quick or we’ll beat you up.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, as I wrote once (it was later stolen for a famous book) and somewhere in the blogging stratosphere I have written extensively on our first day at LMS and so I won’t dwell too much but will instead try and resurrect it, wherever it lays now, suffice to say that THE MUSIC didn’t seem to be as old then as it does now but its with a growing realisation that I now understand that in fact in 1968 we actually still did have a black and white TV and so watching The Bee Gees perform their No 1 hit single at the time will have looked exactly like this video.

And with a growing unease and sadness at the passing of time I realise that when my children watch this video they will relate to a Charlie Chaplin film, or that very first ten second clip of horses and carriages crossing Leeds Bridge filmed by Louis Le Prince in 1888, the first moving film ever made – they will look at this Bee Gees video and laughingly proclaim “But father, its in black and white, surely you weren’t alive when TV was in black and white ?” and I shall have to silently nod my head with an expression of resigned fate and admit that yes, when I was a teenager we still had a black and white TV set.

“But I don’t want you to think that colour TV hadn’t been invented yet” I shall explain to them, “its just that your grandad refused to pay the extra rental on a colour TV set and absolutely refused point blank to pay for the extra licence for a colour TV set” which is all true “Its all the same bloody rubbish on TV anyway” was his rational explanation, which went out of the window when Leeds RL got to Wembley in the May of that year and five minutes before kickoff he grabbed my arm, bundled me into the car and drove with all due haste to his sisters house up the road after he’d just remembered that they had just rented a colour TV – bursting through the door he instructed my posh Auntie Phyllis to “go get the kettle on”  and then shoved my Uncle Tommy towards the TV set and told him to put BBC1 on instead of “this bloody rubbish you’re watching”, we commandeered their TV set for the next two hours until the famous Don Fox missed kick and we could go home happy.

And then the next week THIS was No 1 (although still in black and white in our house) …


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