Video Saturday – Autumn Leaves

The video is hoisted from a Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris” and there are some gorgeous arty shots of Parisien streets at night at the start which are very paint-worthy, must snatch some of those, but its the music that is spectacularly ace, Eric Clapton’s cover of “Autumn Leaves”, I’ve never heard a bad version of this song and its been covered hundreds of times but this is the one thats on my “Playlist for painting along to”, sitting downstairs when everyone is asleep, in your darkened room with just a solitary table lamp to illuminate the easel, and this tune playing – I only wish I smoked and drank harsh whisky because that would just complete the scene, having TB and living alone in a leaky attic would be good too but may be a step too far.

And then, there is this version…


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