A Weekly Writing Challenge



Working from home today as is the norm so lunchtime is a solitary affair, solitary apart from Jackson who either sleeps in his chair in the hallway or sleeps under the table that I work at.

He awakens when he hears my chair move, its lunchtime, time to put the phone down and go and find something to eat in the fridge, make a coffee, sit down and switch off for ten minutes.

I open the fridge, he’s standing there, sticks his nose inside, I sometimes wonder what he smells in there because the smells are dulled by the chill, surely ? But then maybe not for if so then all dogs would have no sense of smell when its cold outside and that can’t be right because what would husky’s do ?

So he sniffs in the fridge and I stand there and stare, what do we have, there’s no Branston Pickle because I finished that last week so the first choice, cheese and branston is out then, what pickle do we have that I can use with cheese, there’s a jar of apple sauce left over from christmas, cheese and apple sauce ?

There’s ham, one slice of ham left and with ham I can have the pickled red cabbage, good call, Jackson likes this too now that he’s caught a whiff of the ham, I tell him he’s not getting any and he sits down and offers me a paw, a tried and tested dog way of persuading humans to share, its supposed to be cute, its supposed to say “please” in dog language but what it really says is “Give me some”, its a demand for your food because you know for a fact that if you gave him all the ham then he’d scoff the lot and not offer to share with you, so he gets none.

I sit and eat lunch, he sits and stares at me, I finish lunch and he gives up and goes to lay down on his chair again, lunch is over for another day.


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