Video Saturday – 1972 and why it never happened

First of all, isn’t that sad, Harry Nilsson just before he died in 1994 miming very badly to his #1 recording of “Without You”, and why do people start clapping half way through a song, why do they do that, why ?

So I have a problem with 1972 because in the museum of recollections there are no records, its as if someone has taken the filing cabinet labelled “1972” and wheeled it outside for ten minutes, maybe they wanted to clean behind it or something, and the bin men came during that time and mistakenly dumped it on their truck and took it away to the rubbish tip, so today we try and recreate some of those memories for me and perhaps rebuild the file index card system…

This realisation that the filing cabinet for 1972 was missing all came to light in 2005, in Cardiff of all places. There I was with a group of friends standing idly outside the Millenium Stadium waiting to go in for the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final, a game that Leeds were supposed to win for gods sake had it not been for the fact that someone had forgotten to tell Hull, anyway, there we were all standing around idly reading the program notes and I turn to the back page where there is a historical list going back over 100 years of all of the previous Challenge Cup Finals, the competing teams and the final score.

So I browse down the list and inform my friends that I have to date attended nine such finals where my team has been involved and I have only ever seen them win three times which was to me a shocking record but not until I heard some of the others for some of the others had been to six finals and NEVER seen Leeds win, poor things.

And while I’m browsing this list I notice something wrong, a misprint, the historian at the RFL has got something very badly wrong for on the list is an entry for 1972, Leeds v St Helens and I know that can’t be correct because in 1972 I was a young stripling of 15 years of age and the year before I had been to the 1971 Challenge Cup Final with Patrick and Rodney – it was therefore inconceivable to me that I would not repeat the trip the following year, simply not possible that I would attend in 1971 and not in 1972, a misprint surely must be the only explanation.

I informed my friends of this in a mocking style, “Look at this” I must have said, “some idiot has printed that Leeds were in the 1972 final, HA!, as if…”

They all looked blankly at me and assured me that it was indeed true and some of them had even been there on the day and the more I thought about it the more I realised that I had no further recollection of ANYTHING that happened in 1972, and still don’t.


I’m scribbling frantically on a new record card to place in the empty drawer that I have just labelled “1972”, – Lieutenant Pigeon, Mouldy Old Dough, I remember that, I remember it because once again the drummer gets the shit lines to sing as if all drummers cannot sing and only get the duff lines, like Ringo, well ok so Ringo is the case that proves the point but 10CC used to do it too, who was the band member in 10CC who got to sing in a deep tuneless voice “I love to hear those convicts squeal, its a shame these slugs aren’t real”, yes, the drummer of course.

I digress, drummers will always get the duff lines to sing, but at last we now have something in the “1972” drawer and its sparked a memory, a memory of the end of year school disco organised by yours truly, Patrick Stewart and Sam Kirkbride, one record player, some hastily borrowed records, the school drama society spotlights which we flashed on and off for psychedelic effect and this record to which the junior pupils could “stomp” to, the “stomp” being a popular skinhead frolic of the time as exhibited by Patrick Stewart who thought he was a skinhead by virtue of the fact that he owned a crombie with a coloured hankie in the top pocket but was in fact no more a skinhead than Rupert the Bear.

Music therapy is so good for the memory, Schools Out was another one of those hastily borrowed records for the end of year school disco and in a demonstration of how confused Patrick Stewart was at 15 years of age, he thought he was Alice Cooper too, so thats a skinhead and Alice Cooper…I’ll leave you with those thoughts Patrick.

I bought this record as a single for 50p from Lewis’s department store record counter and in the same manner as countless other record purchases I took it home and played the B side which apparently was “Gutter Cat” and with the aid of the most excellent Spotify I can report that it still sounds pretty damn good to this day. Judging the B side to be of proficient quality I then made the significant investment in the album, £2.50 of my own money, thats a whole one hours worth of program selling at the rugby that is, and in the well established tradition of record buying I would then sell the single to Rodney for the same 50p that I had paid for it despite the fact that it was now second hand and well worn, WELL worn, the good doctor was never proficient in money matters.

I like this recording, have a look on YouTube, there’s several others done from a session on Shel Silverstein’s houseboat in Amsterdam, anyway, another 1972 chart record, you see I remember the music of 1972, we have now established that the music of 1972 is still firmly entrenched in memory, its just the other stuff, I still have very little recollection of the life events JUST FOR THAT YEAR, what the hell happened in Form 4S boys ???


2 thoughts on “Video Saturday – 1972 and why it never happened

  1. Is the Patrick Stewart the person who became a Fireman and when he was a pupil at Leeds Modern lived in the Carr Manor’s in Moortown ? I remember Sidney Boar ( scary and strict ) and Soapy Luxton ( as you describe and often pulling his hair out when teaching our class ) . By the way, I was in 1S to 5S , probably a year ahead of you . Gus Scales was our Maths teacher for a year or two but also had a much younger man called ” Den ” Brown, good teacher but very sarcastic who coached us through Maths O level.
    Hope this bring back more memories, there are more if you are interested ?

    Graham Baul ( Pupil 1967 to 1974 )

  2. Hi Graham, I’m pretty sure that Patrick knows you, we’re both on Facebook if you are on there ? Not sure about him being a Fireman but he is quite dateless about his past as its all a bit of a blur to the poor love. I certainly recognise all of those other names although we never had any of them teach us apart from Soapy Luxton who was not really cut out to be a teacher at all, not sure what he could have done instead mind…

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