Video Saturday – For Your Delectation and Delight…

Style, sophistication, deep meaningful lyrics, a tune that will forever live in memory through the generations, these are things yet to be write about Black Lace’s “We’re Having A Gang Bang” or indeed any other offering from their complex portfolio of high brow musical entertainment.

Why select this melody of elite cultural significance today ?  Well, from time to time certain posts on this here blog touch a nerve or hit a spot in the readers Museums of Recollections and one or two of the thousands of posts tend to live a life of their own out there in internet world, so for instance if you type “Batley Variety Club” into Google it won’t be too far down the list before you come across a flippant piece I wrote about the establishment several years ago that STILL gets comments , I don’t know how that works but even The Bachelors write to me these days, I certainly never thought it would come to this when I sat down to write my first blog post about smokers outside the LGI in 2006.

Likewise if you type “The Amsterdam Bar Huddersfield” into Google then you’re likely to find the first thing on the list is the post what I writ, this one right here, which again still attracts comments years later, I don’t know, I don’t know how it works, I only write this shit I don’t ask anyone to read it, as I’ve said many times before this blog is my own little depository of memories so that when I’m very old and much greyer than now, infirm, incontinent, abandoned by family into a shabby old nursing home that smells of old people and the matron comes around and states very loudly so we all can hear “Today is going to be Reminiscent Day, and I want you all to tell me all about the things you used to do when you didn’t smell of piss all the time…” when she does that I can simply turn off my hearing aid and shout very loudly in that “old mans attitude” style “Piss off and read my blog, its all in there, now where’s me tea?”

And then of course there was Kes, the story of a young lad and his raptor, we all had raptors in those days, I certainly did…

Well ok, so my raptor look like a big fat yellow Labrador called Vicky who lived next door, but she’d still run after a piece of sparrow tied to a string, well, maybe walk slowly, but still…

although I prefer this version…

Anyway, enough of this Yorkshire nonsense, lets finish with a good old cockney sing=song because nothing goes down better in an old folks home than a good old cockney sing-song and I’ve made sure that this post is accompanied by some pretty sophisticated and pertinent tags so that in 30 years time Matron in my home can find this immediately on Google 2044 or whatever it is they’ll have then, skip the Kes crap Matron, be a dear and put Chas and Dave on will you, I want to be a cockney and sing things that no-one else understands…


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